What is Wall Art?

What is Wall Art?

Wall Art is the new trend in interior design. The high-quality self-adhesive vinyl film adheres perfectly to the irregularities of the surface and can be removed easily at any time. In contrast to conventional products our Wall Art can be used on almost all smooth and clean surfaces like glass, walls, wood, tiles and wallpaper.

Where can Wall Art be used?

Almost anywhere! On all smooth surfaces, such as wood, tiles, glass, metal etc. In addition, our Stickers adhere to smoothly plastered walls and wallpapers. It is important that all surface is clean, free of dust and silicone. If you want to apply the sticker to a wall with protective coating such as anti graffiti finish, we recommend to test it first.

Where can Wall Art not be applied?

Our stickers can be applied to almost any dry, clean and smooth surface. However, they should not be used on wet, cold walls or rough plaster as the vinyl cannot adhere properly and may loosen. We recommend a test on the above surfaces. Freshly painted walls should be allowed to dry for 2-3 weeks before applying a graphic.

How do I remove a sticker from the wall?

Use a sharp knife to lift the edge of a sticker, then grip it firmly and slowly peel back. If difficulties should arise on glass, tiles or smooth surfaces, heat up the film using a hairdryer at the lowest setting. If your wall is exposed to direct sunlight the light may fade your wall paint over time (several years), but the area covered by the sticker will not fade. When you remove the sticker after a long period of time a shadow of it may remain.

Is there a possibility of damage during the removal?

In very rare cases small pieces of paint may be removed from the wall. On unpainted wallpapers it is recommended to test in a less visible area before applying.

Is it possible to adhere the film more than once?

As long as the application tape has not been removed, you can change the position of the Sticker. After removal, it is difficult to re-position individual pieces of a Sticker without influencing the adhesion.
Wall Prints can be removed and re-used in a different place. Please be advised the adhesive ability decreases after every removal process.